Box Rallies


Box Rallies


Dirt, dust, and driving… shitboxes. Well, not always shitboxes, hey Mystery Box?!

Box Rallies is the largest community based fundraiser for the Cancer Council in Australia. They’ve raised $30 million (and climbing!) that goes towards cancer research, with funds being allocated to research projects by the Cancer Council. 

Box Rallies main spin is about taking the car for a spin – road tripping around Australia, visiting some of the most regional and remote locations, meeting new friends and becoming a rally family, bonding over shared experiences of survival and loss due to cancer. 

Charged with the role of brand keeper and brand storyteller, we work on a suite of printed and digital material for all 3 of the Box Rallies brands: Shitbox Rally, Mystery Box Rally and Cancer Cruise. 

We love the Box Rallies team so much that sometimes we work at their HQ!

Rally photographs by Set In Stone Media