RoboFit face of brand




Health and Rehabilitation – Exercise Physiology


Branding RoboFit, Australia’s first robot-powered rehabilitation centre.

RoboFit combines the willpower of the human spirit with the power of technology, to overcome adversity by providing its users with a robotic exoskeleton to aid in movement.

The logo was created as a visual representation of exactly that — aided movement. The repetition of the blue outline of the figure within the robotic limb is important in the storytelling. The technology reads the wearer’s bioelectric signals, interpreting the wearer’s movement intention and works with them to complete movements. While the technology is important, this is not about robots doing all the work, it is showcasing the fusion of ‘man and machine’.

From the pictogram to the logotype, everything is about moving forward, mentally and physically.

The future of rehab is here.


Art direction
Identity design